Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad Day


Yesterday was a bad day for me. I went for an interview. It was a thousand miles away from my residence. I was confident enough with my electronic map that had been coming in handy for a long time. But yesterday I could not gain on the address at all. Gradually I got myself into a pickle. Actually I could only call the clerk of the office but this stupid me did not give it a shot. Been confused for a moment, at the end of my struggle I raised up the white flag and called the office. Know what? I missed in jotting down the address. Argh, how could I be such a hellbent for leather. She said that there were still time for me if I wanted to continue. Then the interview went on. For showing such bad impression, now I can only hope against all hope.

Idiom to notice :
1. Come in handy
2. Gain on
3. Into a pickle
4. Give it a shot
5. Hellbent for leather
6. Hope against all hope

UPDATE : 04 November 2008
"Gain on" in the way you used it doesn´t mean much to me. "To gain on" is to close in on someone in front of you, physically as in a race or metaphorically. I think you mean "I couldn´t find the address..."

"clerk of the office" should be "clerk at the office".

"helllbent for leather" In the UK we say "hell for leather" meaning with maximum effort. "Hellbent" on the other hand means making potentially disastrous choices.

"being confused" not "been confused"
"there was still time " not "there were still time"
"After making/giving such a bad impression" is the correct phrase.

"Hope against all hope" Normally we would say "hope against hope" without the "all".

"to keep hoping something even in slight probablility." Should be "To keep hoping for something, even against the odds/probabilities"

Thank you Chris :)