Friday, October 31, 2008

When You Have To Get Back To Square One...

Yesterday my girlfriend told me that she was in deep water. She had been in a project for a noticeable time and she (or her fellows) found out that apparently there were fatal mistakes in the project that forced her to get back to square one. Regarding the time she had been spending and the progress, going back to square one is lamentable. But now she has to start all over again. Through this blog I want to cheer her up and summon all the strength in the world to go right into her spirit.

When you have to get back to square one, don't be sad (you may but not too long). All you can do is start it all over again. I believe she can pass this critical time if she just hang loose. Everything is going to be alright. :)

Idiom to notice :
1. In deep water = in trouble
2. To get back to square one = to start all over again
3. Hang loose = take it slow