Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laskar Pelangi, a Phenomenon.

I believe that most of Indonesians have watched Laskar Pelangi movie. This phenomenal true-story-based movie now is in its one-month showing. The producer Mira Lesmana said that the audiences watching were 100.000 people per day at average. Obviously it is no wonder considering its innovative story's point of view, the beauty of Belitong scenes, scores and soundtracks, and the totality of the actor and actress.

The story tells us how a band of children survived and enjoyed their elementary education under severe circumstance, how their teachers-two persons-made do with the condition to conduct the best teaching they could give. For your information, it is quite common in Indonesia to hear that school building and its facilities is under standard. But the band kept on being positive and giving their best to grasp lessons as much as possible. These genius by nature children are certainly a band whom nothing to sneeze at. It inspires us to hang tough in everything that we do and not to go through the motion. That we should see positivity in every single of negativity.

Another flank that you can notice is the actor and actress. Belitong and all things coming with it is relatively new in film industry. It is not as popular as Batak tribe, for instance. But Slamet Rahardjo, Ikranegara, Cut Mini, Alex Komang, Mathias Muchus, Rieke Dyah Pitaloka, Tora Sudiro, and more, managed perfectly as I felt like home when I was watching the movie (I'm from South Sumatera). They are a bunch of Indonesia's best artist and we can say it indeed. What interesting is the fact that they hasted The Band of Laskar Pelangi from native. Being newbies but playing such smooth is something that we can appreciate.

They walked on egg when they blended the music. I enjoyed the proportional sound while contemplating the story. And finally, the scenes of Belitong is very awesome. It enriched the entire roll of film and makes me want to visit there someday.

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Idiom to notice :
1. Made do, from make do
2. Nothing to sneeze at
3. Hang tough
4. Go through the motion
5. We can say it
6. To walk on egg