Friday, October 17, 2008

Jazz Up Your Life!

When you feel like your life is boring, it's obvious there's something wrong. Maybe you're trapped in some routinities that you want to escape from for several of times. You've been tied with many tasks that you had to finish in a new york minutes. You can spend your weekend by doing something that you want so much. Clearly, It mustn't be related to your routinities.

You can mention some of them :
1. Cook your favourite menu
2. Read a book that you long to read but you have no time before
3. Play a challenging game in Playstation
4. Do a paint-ball match with your fellows
5. Etc.

So guys, what do you do in weekend or in your spare time? Whatever you do, make sure that It will Jazz up your life!
I jazz my room up because it looks so drab! Haha!