Monday, November 24, 2008

Enrich Your Vocabulary with Synonym (2)

Torrents (adv) =an expression to show that something comes in a heavy sum, example : (1) The rain came down in torrents yesterday (2) Torrent of words,

Adherent (n) = follower, zealot,

Homicide (n) = murder, slaying, killing, slaughter,

Snub (n) = insult (v), humiliate (v), offend (v), slight (n)

Blunt (adj) = honest, frank,

Villain (n) = criminal, bandit,

Commit (v) = do, udergo, undertake, execute,

Ecstatic (adj) = very happy,

Capital punishment =death punishment, death sentence,

Assault (n) = aggression, attack,