Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Minimum Requirements in Writing

Hi there :)

Do you know that in writing, there are Minimum Requirements we should obey in order to make a good one. You know, people make mistakes. Even experts sometimes make mistakes here and there when they write in English. But there are some mistakes you can not tolerate. If you break it, then you'll be regarded as a careless writer. We're not trying to be perfectionist but English has its rules by nature. Even it's not our mother tongue, we have the responsibility to write it as the way it is.

The Minimum Requirements are :

1. Concord
2. Finite verbs
3. Tenses
4. Verb groups
5. Articles
6. Punctuation
7. Spelling.
(Based on Write Well book, by Barli Bram)

For those who now just start to learn writing, I hope that these requirements don't discourage you to keep on practicing, moreover, they should motivate you to produce excellent English writings. Do you want to know more about each requirement?

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