Saturday, November 22, 2008

See You in PB 09

Yesterday I went to pestablogger2008. It was fun. 50000 rupiahs for the ticket was nothing compared with what I got there. The lunch and snack package was so luxurious. I also got a cute T-shirt and a fancy notebook soft case. I met some new friends, among them Welly, Ina, and Bhayu. And finally I could see the man behind the scene like Ndorokakung, Iman Brotoseno, Enda Nasution, Chika, Herman Saksono, Nukman Luthfie, etc. I also saw some international bloggers such as Mr Brown, Mr Jeffooi, Mark, and Anthony. I could practice my English Listening by being their audience. They clearly said that Indonesia had many great places to visit beside Bali, but it hadn't been marketed well. It's been gnawing in my mind until now.

I learned a lot about Internet Marketing which material was presented by Nukman Luthfie. He broadened the audience's horizons in an insightful but funny way. There were many things we should consider about Internet Marketing, but Possesing Niche and Being respectful to our audiences were the keys that I could conclude.

But there was a sad story. In the middle of the break session I lose my ticket. Therefore, I missed the chance to win a MP3 player, IPod Nano, Microsoft and Nokia N series, Digital Camera, Personal Computer, and ultimately a Hewlet Packard Notebook. I know I might not win it but it's so painful to have no chance. There was no hope. I learned something. In this life, "hope" matters much to keep you lively and passionate.

That's all. I hope I can be a better blogger and win the awesome doorprizes. See you all in pestablogger 2009.