Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Triumphant Barack Obama

Today is Barack Obama's. He easily defeated another candidate John McCain from The Republic Party. His name etched history as America's first black president. After struggling for about twenty one months, finally he ends it with triumph. It puts a bee in my bonnet that impossible is nothing.

Afterward, Obama has to race against time. He has to take the lid of economic crisis, two unfinished wars, and global uncertainty. Let's hope that he pay his promise to stand for all walks of life. But one thing for sure, we shouldn't rely on Obama or anyone else to make Changes. If we want to change the world better, we should start from changing ourselves and stand on our own feet.

Idiom to notice :
1. Put a bee in someone's bonnet = to have an idea
2. To take lid of something = to handle something
3. All walks of life = all communities regardless race, tribe, nation, social, economic, religion, etc.