Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who is the Apple of Your Eyes?

Do you ever find that somebody in your surrounding gets most of attention from the others? Or maybe you have someone that you treat specially like he or she is the only one who gets it? He or she can be anyone. Most people put their couples as the lucky one. But it is not limited to them. You might have experienced that your youngest brother or sister got everything he/she wanted from your parents because he/she was special. Maybe he/she was the gender that your parents long to have. Or in the office, your boss doesn't treat his or her subordinates equally (in positive manner of course) as there's somebody who gets most of his or her attention, maybe due to his or her cheerfulness.

If you experience so, then you should call him or her the apple of someone's eyes. Your fellow at the office is the apple of your boss's eyes. Your little brother or sister is the apple of your parent's eyes. And maybe, your boy/girlfriend is the apple of your eyes.

And I put my girlfriend as the apple of my eyes because she is very special.

Below is a poem that I created for the apple of my eyes.
She was Dian I met her
in senior high school
she was enermously cute
with her eyeglasses

I gazed at her deeply
my heart beatin' fast
when everything was perfect
I could only say silly hello

She was the one whom I wrote
the confession of mine
my sense of love was expressed
the first time in my life

My mind kept imagining
she was beside me
when everything was perfect
words just faded away as I passed by

Now she is mine. She's the apple of my eyes.
She's the happiness I want to share, she's the apple of my eyes.

Idiom to notice : The apple of someone's eyes.