Monday, November 10, 2008

To Give, Give, and Give

Yesterday I had a conversation with my friend, ex-college friend precisely. Before I continue my story, let me tell you about our backgrounds. We were at the same faculty and major in college, Civil Engineering. She emphasized her study in building structure (bumped into many complex building calculations :)) while I emphasized in Construction Management. Now she's working on her path as a Structure Engineer in a malaysian company, and I'm keeping on dreaming about owning an architecture consultant firm with my brother :).

So, after greeting for courtesy, I asked her whether she was ready or no if someday I would have to consult her about building structure. She answered "Certainly! You can rely on me". "I'm capable with building and bridge structure" She added. And innocently I asked her about the cost "How much will it cost? Do you put it by percentage of budget or per meter square?". After that question I sniffed out different atmosphere between us. A sort of having been offended feeling.

Having been silent for a moment I broke the ice with a greeting. Then she straightly told me that not everything in this world should be monetized. "We are friend, aren't we?" She told me so. "I would be very happy if I could help my friend. So just feel free". Wow, I was a little bit surprised with that answer. Nowadays it's kind of scarce to find someone saying like she did. Or maybe it is just me who is narrow-minded.

However it is, I learn something. There is no need of reason to lending a hand to others. We should not be bothered with what we'll receive in return by helping people. Actually, this is a very simple rule of Marketing. It is said that we should give, give, and give to the would-be customers. The next thing they will do isn't very important. The most important thing to be kept in mind is we do it sincerely with our heart and soul. Then God will do the rest :) It works out as I put my friend's name on the top list when I think of the term of Structure Engineer :).

Idiom to notice :
1. To lend a hand = to help